Neslibujeme nic, co není možné, ale dokážeme nemožné 

Our services portfolio goes as much wide as your brief is. We have our own production and wide network of reliable suppliers, therefore you can rely on us with tailor made production of all kinds.

  • We’ll create and visualise your interior – no matter if its shop, showroom or instalation.
  • We’ll take care of branding on any kind of material – we’ll just consider your brand values.
  • We do print on any materials – from posters to flyers, stickers, banners, forex and other desk material or even wood.
  • We’ll adapt your (our ours) key visuals to needed sizes for production and we do guarante you no second chances needed.
  • We’ll produce tailor made selling stands, secondary placements, advertisement points or product exposure.
  • We’ll produce anything - from light advertisement, 3D signs to POS sands or hanging systems, lightboxes and may more – we can produce basically everything that have a point of producing.
  • We’re not afraid of any creative or guerilla projects such as 3D signs, public instalations or any insight based placement.

We do prefer install whatever we produce for you – no matter if its Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, France or Romania. Been there, done that.

We now also offer projections

We will make a projector tailored to your needs. Outside, inside, on the wall, house and floor. Graphics from simple one-color texts to full-color images, static but also rotating and pulsating. We design graphics for clients so that it is as suitable and visible as possible for the given place. It will take much more than a sticker and will not be destroyed. Great choice instead of floor stickers on the floor in stores.