We are an atelier for retail, in store design and tailor made production.

We focus both on creative solution and detail-oriented production. Thus your brand will be visible in the point of sales and it will easily drag the proper target groups just as it will deliver the key brand emotions.

We will be happy to provide you branding or vizibility tools, no matter if you already have a shop or you are establishing a new one. We’ll also help you with launch of new products or services, its communications and exposure in the point of sale.

No small brand roles

We have more than 15 years of experiences with both huge and small brands, with showrooms and shops from 10m2 to hundreds of meters squared.

We do approach individually to each brief, we do analyse the brand and its opportunities and we do consider the environment for the best solution combined with an experience in the point of sales.

Proposial and visualisation of interior, branding and visibility with a focus on brand building and using the opportunity of each venue.

Craftmanship with all kinds of material, we can recommend various types of production or material, produce it for you and install it wherever you need.

Our production is by piece or by series, depending on your needs – from light advertisement, 3D signs to POS sands or hanging systems, lightboxes and may more – we can produce basically everything that have a point of producing.

We are able to service for you non-conventional ad formats such us hypercubes or guerilla solutions in the streets of any town.